Creative Freedom

Truth be told, “we” is just me.

For the last fifteen years I’ve immersed myself in all things digital, exploring ways that new platforms and creative communications can be used to make a positive difference in the world.

Six years ago I helped kick-start Agency, Australia’s leading creative agency for social change. We built a sustainable social business that works alongside the most amazing organisations in Australia and the United States, helping design, strategise and support their digital advocacy and fundraising campaigns.

With wide experience digitally supporting hundreds of nonprofits, and deep experience running a digital campaigning organisation, I’ve found myself well positioned to support the small nonprofits who struggle with limited budgets and a lack of capacity to maximise digital platforms to achieve their ambitious goals. For those nonprofits on NationBuilder, I’ve been working with the platform since it launched in Australia and can help you navigate the confusing and frustrating components of the platform.

So, if you work for an organisation seeking to make the world a better place, and you’re struggling to get your head around how to make the most of digital, let’s have a chat.

— Scott Sanders