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Born from the sector.

Creative Freedom is a digital agency based in Sydney, Australia with decades of experience helping nonprofits, communities and social causes raise their profile through effective digital communications. 

Having worked with some of the world’s leading organisations – including World Vision, Amnesty International, UNDP, WWF and Cancer Council – we have wide ranging experience, and deep reaching insights that position us uniquely to help nonprofits communicate their mission, engage their supporters, fundraise for their work, and raise the profile of their causes by harnessing digital platforms effectively and innovatively.

Across all our work, we seek to distill the complex into the compelling, while reaching key audiences with messages that resonate with their values and enable their participation in the important work of our clients.

Scott Sanders

Scott has over 15 years experience working in digital solutions design and strategic communications for some of Australia’s leading nonprofits, helping identify, ideate and implement creative solutions that sustainably build organisation capacity by harnessing emerging technologies to the unique needs of an organisation.

Libby Sanders

Libby has spent her career supporting the nonprofit sector across fundraising, advocacy and communications. She brings leadership across our business operations to see our team thrive, and rolls up her sleeves in our campaigning and strategy work to ensure our solutions are sharp and compelling.

Jason Harper

Jason is a seasoned web developer with two decades of experience delivering innovative digital solutions to small businesses, nonprofits, and large enterprises. Residing in Geelong and proud father of four children, Jason is well versed juggling a wide range of responsibilities to help achieve meaningful impact.

Terab Tsering

Terab is passionate about bringing creative visions to life for nonprofits working in social and environmental justice and striving to be more inclusive. With experience across film, design and development he brings his breadth of insight to help us craft on-point user experiences backed by robust technical solutions.

We're a growing team of creatives committed to purposeful work with profound impact.