We help you grow your movement and engage your base with Action Network.

Action Network is an organising platform that empowers nonprofits to expand their reach and enhance engagement among their supporters, offering a comprehensive set of tools for every part of your movement.

Creative Freedom's expertise can help you leverage Action Network's capabilities to their fullest potential, maximising your organisation's impact.

  • Embeddable Widgets
  • Customisable Pages
  • Platform Training
  • Email Templates
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Fundraising Advice
  • Lead generation
  • Donor retention
  • Data migration
  • Smart list segmenting
  • Tagging set up
  • Analytics reporting

Our team of has partnered with numerous nonprofits worldwide, orchestrating impactful campaigns, crafting robust website platforms, and raising substantial support for social and environmental causes. We have harnessed this wealth of experience to distil practical, actionable insights that inform every project we undertake with Action Network.

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Creative Freedom holds a great understanding of the Action Network platform. Our team has dedicated substantial time and effort to become well-versed in its intricacies, allowing us to provide nonprofit organizations with tailored guidance and support. We grasp the nuances of Action Network and offer strategic insights, innovative solutions, and best practices to help nonprofits optimize their fundraising, advocacy, and volunteer coordination efforts.

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We collaborate with nonprofit organisations as strategic partners, providing tailored digital solutions to boost supporter engagement and enhance organisational impact. Our expertise spans campaigns, user-centric web platforms, and seamless system integrations, all designed to drive meaningful outcomes.

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"Working with Creative Freedom was a breeze. Communication was quick and consistent. I really appreciated their experience working with not for profit groups and the patience they expressed."

Jane Body, Think Forward


We have had the privilege of collaborating with numerous organisations, and below are a few examples of projects Creative Freedom has undertaken for nonprofit clients using Action Network.

Make It 16

Think Forward

Frequently Asked Questions

Creative Freedom specialises in leveraging the full capabilities of the Action Network to empower nonprofit organizations. We provide comprehensive guidance on campaign strategy, user-centric web platform development, and seamless system integrations tailored to your unique needs. Our expertise extends to advocacy, fundraising, event management, and email marketing within the Action Network ecosystem. Whether you want to enhance supporter engagement, streamline operations, or achieve your advocacy goals, we're here to help you navigate the Action Network platform effectively and complete your mission.

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Partnering with Creative Freedom is a straightforward process. We begin by conversing to understand your organization's goals, challenges, and unique needs. Our team then works closely with you to develop a customised plan, including designing advocacy or fundraising campaigns, creating user-friendly web platforms, or setting up integrations between different systems. We aim to minimise friction and empower your organisation with thoughtful digital solutions. Whether you're looking for short-term support or long-term collaboration, we're here to help you make a meaningful impact.

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Creative Freedom stands out due to our deep digital expertise and integrated approach. Unlike many agencies that outsource digital work, we have an in-house team dedicated to digital services, ensuring high quality and expertise. Our model scales effectively, making our services accessible to small nonprofits that may feel they can't afford agency support. We prioritise understanding your organisation's specific needs and goals, and our collaborative approach empowers you to grow your campaigns independently. We focus on providing the right tools, sharp communications, and fostering long-term trust among your supporters to help you succeed.

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