We help you fundraise, advocate and organise with NationBuilder.

NationBuilder is a leading platform in Australia for nonprofits looking to build support for their campaigns, grow their donor base, and organise their volunteers.

We’ve been supporting nonprofits on NationBuilder since 2012, and as a certified NationBuilder Agency we can help you maximise the impact of your platform without costing the world.

Creative Freedom helps your nonprofit gain access to a seasoned agency that offers support for campaigns, communications, and digital needs.

  • Custom Themes
  • API Integrations
  • Platform Training
  • Email Templates
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Fundraising Advice
  • Lead generation
  • Donor retention
  • Data migration
  • Smart list segmenting
  • Tagging set up
  • Analytics reporting

Our team of seasoned professionals has collaborated with countless nonprofits across the globe, crafting extensive website platforms, global campaigns, and generating millions in support of social and environmental causes. We've gathered this wealth of experience to distil sharp, practical insights that we apply to every project.

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Creative Freedom has a deep knowledge and understanding of the NationBuilder platform. Our team has dedicated significant time and effort to learning its intricacies, enabling us to provide nonprofit organisations with tailored guidance and support. We understand the nuances of NationBuilder and offer strategic insights, innovative solutions, and best practices to help nonprofits optimise their fundraising, advocacy, and volunteer coordination efforts.

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Our role is to partner with nonprofits, offering strategic digital solutions to enhance supporter engagement and organisational impact through campaigns, user-centric web platforms, and streamlined system integrations.

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"In addition to their technical work, Creative Freedom deeply know the fundamentals of inspiring social change. So, not only do they develop API integrations and build gorgeous sites, they empathise with the success metrics required for a nonprofit to succeed."

Brian Tippy, NationBuilder


We have worked with many organisations; here are just some of the projects Creative Freedom have done for Nonprofits.

Listen to the Heart

Threatened Plants Tasmania

Frequently Asked Questions

NationBuilder is a digital platform designed for nonprofits to support, manage campaigns, and engage with their audience effectively. It provides a cost-effective entry point for organisations with limited budgets, but you'll need to grasp its features and functionalities to harness its full potential. That's where we come in. With extensive experience in NationBuilder since 2012, we can help nonprofits navigate the platform, build engaging websites, manage supporter database and leverage data for effective engagement strategies.

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We see our role as coming alongside nonprofits to help them find digital solutions to the issues holding them back from reaching their supporters and deepening their engagement. Our approach strategically aligns your organisation's efforts with the right technology to amplify your impact. This could involve designing a new advocacy or fundraising campaign, developing a web platform with a user-friendly experience, or setting up integrations between different systems. Our goal is to minimise the friction nonprofits face with thoughtful digital solutions.

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Our primary focus is to help organisations get set up with the right tools and platforms to scale their impact alongside sharp, compelling communications to inspire supporter engagement and build long-term trust. We start by listening and understanding your organisation's current experience, issues, unique positioning, and opportunities. Our approach is collaborative, where we bring our experience and insights to our clients' leadership and vision. We aim to empower our clients to build their capacity to grow their campaigns themselves in the future, without creating a dependency on our services. We want them to succeed long-term.

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